Wednesday, October 8, 2008

English Learning Steps

Hundreds of ESL students and other people ask me the same questions. How to speak English fluently? or How can I improve my English skill? or What is the right way to learn English?I used to answer them base on their obstacles until I discovered their common problems and finally came up with the easy-to-remember steps. Now, if anyone ask me I would simply advice them to think of the word CEK (it similarly pronouce like the word SEX which everyone knows very well!!) which stands for Change attitude , Expose yourself and Keep talking- Change Attitude --> From my experience, this is the most common problems for anyone who wants to learn english. The point is you should realize that your goal is to communicate with people in English.You do not want to be an english professor or a professional translator (Well, if you want to be please skip this article Immediately) so do not worry about 100% correct grammar.It is acceptable for the beginner to say he don't know instead of he doesn't know as long as the listener understands what you are trying to communicate. At least it is less annoying for them to wait for you 1 minute to produce each perfect sentence.-- Expose yourself --> This step means to expose yourself to English environment. Of course, it is better if you could come to US or UK to study or learn English but I would say that you don't have to.This is the year 2006 and English is already everywhere. movie, music, newspaper, articles and hundred of tourists who walk pass you everyday can be great learning sources. Another easy way is to go through the content of this website and ask if you have any questions.-- Keep talking --> Whenever you have a chance to talk or to test your skills, just do it. You can even assume situation and talk to yourself.Do not worry about mistake. Everyone makes mistake, Tiger Woods, David Beckham, Madonna etc. Who are you? Come on. Let's go out and create your own lessons.back to

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